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Orson Wells and Peter O'Toole
on Hamlet.

Here is the full 110 minute
version of Hank Whittemore's Shakespeare's Treason, "aka" the story of Shakespeares Sonnets presented as the true story of the Elizabethan succession.

Selected clips about the
Shakespeare authorship debate
and Elizabethan England

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Selected clips from a 2010 press conference about the (then) upcoming Shakespeare authorship film Anonymous, featuring a powerful, memorable statement from former Shakespeare Globe Theatre Director Mark Rylance (clip no. 2)

This video turned up on You Tube recently. It's author and philosopher John Michell (Who Wrote Shakespeare?) speaking
at a conference in 1995. This is
a major figure in the debate, expounding on the real problems that constitute the "Shakespeare Authorship Mystery."

A nice reading of a famous poem ("In praise of a contented mind"), now considered to be "possibly" by Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford. If Shakespeare didn't write it, he should have.

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